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Big M at night

Big M Automotive Classic Car Dismantler

(530) 473-2225

271 N. 7th Street

Williams, Ca 95987

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Here are some of our e-mails that we have received from our customers.

Here are some testimonials for Big M Automotive.

The reproduction and aftermarket trade just doesn't cater for some things.

From early 2000, I had been restoring a 1960 Desoto.   Due to a curse that seemed to follow the Desoto, I almost gave up on it.    In 2008 the decision was made to get the car finished.

Through various commercial misadventures, a number of parts had been lost.   Not the parts I could buy from a catalogue ~ no, that would be too easy to fix.   Really annoying and fiddley parts needed replacing.   Transmission inspection covers and dust seals, engine mounts, power steering pump and brackets, fan and spacer, engine pulley, generator brackets, throttle linkages, bumper brackets and a whole lot more.    Now that might not be a problem if you could go to your local yard and find the parts, but I am in Perth Australia, the most remote major city on the Planet and 1960 Desotos were never sold as new cars in Australia.

My saviour was John Fowlie, the man I had bought another car over the internet from a few years earlier.   John sourced a lot of the parts I needed, packed them and sent to me.   John also referred me to other Vendors who he thought may be able to help my quest.

At the rate it was taking me to source parts from ebay and various other yards my car would still be a very depressing work in progress.

Without John Fowlie and Big M Automotive my Nightmare Car would never have become my Dream Car.

         Damian Morrison

         Perth, Western Australia

I had the pleasure of doing business with John, all the way from the UK.

It went so smoothly during the purchase of my 1957 Plymouth that I went and bought a 1949 Ford from John.

I was lucky enough to meet John and his wife in early 2010.

I have nothing but praise for him and would recommend him to anyone any day.




I bought a 57 Plymouth from Big M.   I live in Australia and dealing with John was a pleasure, he is professional and reassuring when conducting business from so far away.

He provided answers and honest opinions on the car I bought.   It has proven to be everything he said it was, solid and rust free.

I purchased the car and needed it shipped across the states, John also helped with this.

Meeting John and M'Lisa in 2010 was a pleasure and I hope we get the chance to have a beer again sometime in the near future.

I would highly recommend John to anyone considering purchasing either a complete car or those difficult to find parts.

Thanks for all you have done for me and for this hobby John, it's people like you that keep the hobby alive.



         Perth, Western Australia

I've dealt with John at Big M Auto on several occasions and always receive accurate parts, great information, and a fair price.   His descriptions are accurate and honest.

On a side note, however, I have met John in person several times, and each time he seems to be mostly preoccupied with pilfering inexpensive beer and talking smack.   At first, he seems like just another long-haired hipster doofus from California, but then you realize he's got an agenda.   I mean, there is no ale safe around him.   Then the potty-mouth jokes begin, followed by tall tales and more bargain brew theft.

So, buy from Big M, a trusted name for all car guys.   Just remember to lock your ice-box and put your waders on.

Just kidding!   John is #1 for cars and parts, honest and fair and truly is a great guy!


         Juliette, Georgia

Hot RodAt Big M even our junkyard dogs are friendly